Romance – The Feeling

A feeling of love and mystery associated with couples in love is what is Romance. It is exciting and unpredictable just like the tides in the ocean. Two people falls in love and blossoms the romance which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. But romance needs space to flourish so that one could love more and even better. And what if that space is snatched away? Or do not exist at all?
This is a story of a couple, both so much in love. But how inspite of everything it ended.

Raj and Roshni were in a relationship from past few years. Something which started with school love has turned into a college romance. They both ended up in the same college. Raj would often pull Roshni behind those washroom cabinets to steal a kiss or two. And a touch here and there. The fire of desire was burning within. His favourite area was her lips while for her it’s his neck. They would often kiss and bite each other. The passion was growing stronger and deeper. They wanted it all for each other with each other.

However, there was a need and unending desire to be in the company of each other. Raj wanted to feel every inch of Roshni in her natural form and Roshni wanted to strip away her own inhibitions for him.

It is said that love, trust, loyalty and great sex makes up for an unbreakable relationship. Everything was there, except the great sex. There was a need but there was a lack of space. But with time even the pillars of love, trust and loyalty started to fade away. Friction started to occur between these love birds with the passing time, as everything started to diminish bit by bit, little by little.

Raj and Roshni often started to quarrel over petty issues. The need of the hour is great sex. An escape to far away place, may be a private hide-out with some comfort. Raj once tried to peek into Roshni’s place while her parents were away, but just during the foreplay, someone turned up at the door and Raj has to escape. Many such fail attempts occurred continuously. There was nothing left of the relationship, and the only thing which can ever ignite a spark on their not-so happening and dull relationship seems to be a distant dream now.

Raj called up Roshni one day and asked her to meet. It was finally the day. Raj ended up ties with Roshni, said, it’s not working anymore. Roshni agreed. Somewhere, deep down, she knew it was going to happen. She did not objected or nagged because she was prepared. Perhaps, if not Raj then Roshni would have taken the call. And a beautiful relationship ended.

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