The ‘Couple Wish’

It was a cold winter morning, I was still lazing around on my bed when my phone beneath my pillow buzzed. I was too reluctant to even check on it, but then it buzzed for the second time. I slowly let my hands get the grip of the phone. It was Abhi. Who is Abhi you must be wondering? He is the love of my life. He wanted to cuddle up in that cold freezing morning. And what could be better than to spend a day off beside your loved one in such a romantic weather? “I would love to” is what went my reply almost instantly. Seems Mr. Abhi is on a seemingly good mood today and me being the hopeless romantic in the relationship will definitely would want to steal the moment.

But now arises, the “QUESTION”… How? When? Where?

We definitely can’t think of doing it at my place, it remains ever so crowded since I stay in a joint family and there is always someone or the other in the house. Privacy is a long distant dream with my cousins breaking into my room whenever they want.

As far as Abhi’s place is concerned, well, that can be done. But provided his parents are out and his ever so disturbing sister, who somehow always becomes suspicious whenever I tried to peek into his room. And to top of that – she just hates me.

We were planning to have “our moment” from a long time now, but nothing seems to work out or fall in place. I wanted to feel him over me. His hands holding me tight and his lips sealing mine with that perfect kiss or may be a smooch. A long, passionate smooch and while doing that we want to get lost, lost in the pleasure that a simple smooch can bring along and forget everything that goes around – deadlines, presentations, constant nagging of my relatives to get married.

While I was lost in my thought, my phone buzzed again, it was Abhi and he seemed to know about pairstay from somewhere and we instantly booked a room for the evening. As the evening approached in no time we reached our room.

It was me, Abhi and a perfect romantic ambience to set the mood right. It all started with a kiss, with Abhi unstrapping my bra and me unbuttoning his shirt. I could feel his bare chest with my hands and I must admit he looks much sexier while naked. I could feel his hands all over my body, pressing the pleasure buttons just at the right spot. He definitely knows how to arouse me. It was our moment – mine and Abhi’s. Just the way we planned it. Rather, much better than we planned it to be. And all of it was possible because of Pairstay. Pairstay helped us to achieve our moment, the much awaited one, and in a much better way. It gave a new dimension to our Love Story.


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