The Whispers of the Heart

It was our 5th anniversary as couples, but our relationship was still at level 1. Come on don’t tell me you don’t know what is level 1. Every time we try to do something to prove that we are Adults, someone from nowhere appears and interrupt us.

Date August 15, 2013: India was celebrating their Independence Day, we wanted to celebrate ours. We choose her home as our venue to fight for our independence. Her family was out for vacation, she could not join in because she was appearing for her Internship at a local company. It was like Halley’s Comet moment for us. We didn’t want to miss it. I packed my bag with extra underwear and hide some condoms in my bag.

I reached her place on time, pressed the calling bell, I was greeted by an elderly aunty. She enquired me the purpose of my visit. Only thing that came out, “Namaste Aunty, is Sagar there at home?”. She said “Sagar doesn’t stay here you might have reached wrong house”. I said sorry and quickly ran away for my life with my bag of extra underwear and condoms, which never saw day of the light till the next 9 months.

April 13, 2014: I knew number 13 is unlucky but never knew the reason till that day. I wanted to celebrate my first salary with her. This time venue was my home. I brought a bottle of Champaign and ofcourse condoms.  We started with kisses and then smooching. My hands were running all over her body to find a perfect g-spot to turn her on. My hands started its journey from her back, reached down to her booty, then made a U-turn. Tempo was too high within next 5 minutes. I thought that this is the moment that will make me the man. My hands then quickly ran for the condoms and tear it up. I was about to get ready for action, she was lying all naked in front of me, but my luck and this date made the things worse for us. All of a sudden my dog Boxer ran into the room, and he was in no mood to let us do what we wanted to do. My parents will be in home within an hour. On one side Man within me whispered to kill the dog and complete the task in hand but on the other side the human being cannot ignore the cute face of my dog. In the mean time my girlfriend lost interest and she was all dressed up. I tried to explain her that we can get back to the business but she left in hurry. I need to spend much of my salary over the next 4 months to get her back.

We had all these ups and downs but were not able to break the jinx till 5 year of our relationship. Then in 2017, I came across this website It is known as the way to heaven for couples like us. Initially I was a bit hesitant but gathered courage to book my first room with them. The rooms and amenities was all right in place. It helped us to break our 5 year old jinx.

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